This Week in iPhone News – October 23/2009

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s Squirrel Project Revealed A new external attachment for the iPhone which turns it into a credit card point-of-sale device from the founder of Twitter has recently been announced.

The App Store Effect: Are iPhone Apps Headed for Oblivion? A discussion on how prices for iPhone versions of existing applications and games are invariably cheaper than their counterparts and what this means for the future.

Screencast: iPhone Provisioning: Running Development Code On Your iPhone New devs: get code running on your phone in <10 minutes.

Is iPhone Bad for the Video Game Industry The popularity of the iPhone has many traditional video game publishers worried.

Early registration for our Portland/OR Beginning iPhone Programming Class ends today! Register today for $799 with the “mo” discount code — price goes up tomorrow!

Historic Earth iPhone App A great iPhone app that overlays historic maps over your current location so that you may learn more about your area.

Coding in Objective-C 2.0 A great series of screen-casts covering how to develop using Objective-C 2.0.

WolframAlpha Wolfram|Alpha has come to the iPhone, giving you the power to look up whatever you may want easily and conveniently using their service.

Mozilla (Firefox?) App for iPhone to Come Up Within Few Weeks While this isn’t confirmed, it’s an interesting rumor that Firefox may be headed to the iPhone.

Is Your iPhone App a Purple Cow? What does it take to make your iPhone app or game stand out on the iTunes App Store?

Networked Games on the iPhone An interesting and informative presentation on developing networked games on the iPhone.

Creating an iPhone Friendly Web Service in .NET with WCF Writing iPhone apps that communicate with a web server is common. This article shows you how by using the .NET 3.0 framework and Windows Communication Foundation.

Rock Band for iPhone Doesn’t Exactly Rock A review of the new Rock Band game for the iPhone.

Gift This App, Apple! The world wants to be able to send apps as gifts. Help get this on Apple’s radar.

iPhone Tech Talk World Tour It’s that time of year again. Sign up today for the iPhone Tech Talk World Tour brought to you by Apple. The following locations still have openings and it’s free to sign up: November 2 – Seattle, November 9 – Paris, November 13 – Hamburg, December 2 – Beijing, December 3 – Toronto.

iPhone App Site Design Trends A great collection of website designs that are used to showcase an iPhone application or game. Very inspiring.

In Defense of Price An informative article on the current state of iPhone application and game pricing on the iTunes App Store.

Three posts on iPhone Wax, the native CocoaTouch apps written in Lua project: 1. Setting Up iPhone Wax 2. Wax Talks to Twitter 3. How Wax bridges Lua and CocoaTouch

Thoughts on In-App Purchasing for Free Apps The big news of the week was Apple’s announcement that in-app purchases are no longer limited to just paid applications but now allow free apps as well.

iPhone Apps A great thread by one of the original developers of Netscape that asks what are some of the best iPhone apps out there?

How the iPhone is Blowing Everyone Else Away (In Charts) Some interesting numbers on the growth of the mobile web and how the iPhone is leading the pack.

Dear Palm, It’s Just Not Working Out Another interesting thread from one of the original developers of Netscape describing how he recently switched from the Palm Pre to the iPhone.

Inside Apple’s iPhone Subscription Accounting Changes Some more thoughts about the recent announcement that in-app purchases were no longer limited to paid apps.

Rock Band on the iPhone is a Hit Another review of the Rock Band iPhone app, this time from the positive side of things.

Star Wars Trench Run for the iPhone Ever wish you could be along side Luke Skywalker as you try to take out the Death Star during the famous trench run? Now you can with your iPhone!

AT&T Wireless CEO Implies iPhone Exclusivity in U.S. to End Big news from AT&T that may only serve to improve the iPhone’s reach as it may no longer be confined to just the AT&T network.

App Store Reaches 100,000 Application Approvals Apple reached a big milestone in approving 100,000 applications on the iTunes App Store.

In App Purchase and the State of iPhone Piracy An informative article on iPhone piracy and why in-app purchases may not be the savior some people think it is.

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