This Week in iPhone News – July 31/2009

Apple’s much-anticipated tablet device coming early next year While this may only be a rumor, there are a lot of signs pointing towards Apple releasing some sort of a tablet-like device next year.

Motally is Mobile Analytics It’s worth taking a look at this mobile usage statistics tracking/reporting tool.

Create an iPhone Document Scanner from Cardboard Check out this nifty little hack for “scanning” your documents with the iPhone 3G S.

Apple Removes Google Voice Apps from App Store More controversy over the recent decision by Apple to remove all Google Voice related applications.

Dear Steve, Please Fix the App Store Approval Process A clear and concise piece on what Apple can do to improve the App Store approval process.

Types vs. Objects A handy review of the differences between the two main variables types in Objective-C.

Application Submission Feedback Great ongoing collection of reasons why certain applications have been rejected from the App store.

iPhone/Social Games Make Old-Guard Casual Game Companies Envious Part one of a two-part story on how the casual game market is evolving.

The iPhone Apps Economy: Who is Making all the Money?

Official Apple iDisk App Finally Released MobileMe iDisk app is now available for download.

Apple’s Approval Process Has Gone Too Far More critiques on the App Store approval process.

iPhone Jailbreaking Could Crash Cell Towers, Apple Claims Fear, uncertainty, and doubt from Apple regarding iPhone jailbreaking? You decide.

AVG Antivirus Coming to iPhone and OSX

How to Hijack ‘Every iPhone in the World’ Read more on the latest news concerning a recently announced unpactched iPhone bug related to malicious SMS messages.

MiLi Pro – iPhone, iPod Video Projector Interesting miniature projector for iPhone and iPod devices.

iPhone Devs: Lite/Free Mobile Apps Really Pay Off A testimony from the developer of iCombat on how successful using a lite version has been in conjunction with a paid version of his application.

11 Cool iPhone Keypad Codes Want to know more about your mobile carrier, phone, and billing details? Try these codes you can enter into your phone’s keypad.

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