This Week In iPhone News – April 17/2009

How To Change Your App Store Release Date by James Thomson. Interesting discussion and tips regarding the current issue a lot of iPhone developers are having with regards to their approved submission not showing up in the respective category until much later on.

AppRanking v1.1.1 OS-X tool to see how your application/game is doing in all of the various app stores around the world.

Galactica A fun “toy” for the iPhone that involves generating more than 3000 particles to form its view that renders with a framerate around 30 FPS.

XCode and iPhone CodeSign Error quick solution by Andy Peters. Interesting solution to the common “CodeSign error: a valid provisioning profile is required for product type ‘Application’ in SDK ‘Device – iPhone OS 2.2.1’” problem a lot of developers have been seeing.

How to Make Dapple in 6 Months Backstory on how the iPhone game “Dapple” was created.

30 Day Game A neat experiment where a group of developers blog about their experiences involved in creating an iPhone game in 30 days. It’s still in progress.

libnui Open source C++ based GUI library for multiple platforms including the iPhone.

App Store Keyword Search Algorithm A discussion on just what Apple may be doing behind the scenes regarding the algorithm used when you search for an application by a keyword.

Xcode templates for iPhone Static Libraries with Unit Testing This could be a real aid in helping to automate the setup of your Xcode projects with regards to unit testing.

The 320 Project Excellent list of open source libraries used in the development of the Facebook iPhone application.

iPhone Development FAQ Community created iPhone development FAQ.

iPhone Bits by Emanuele Volcano. A great collection of iPhone related useability issues and thoughts.

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